Vavit bathroom radiators

Vavit bathroom radiators are an asset to your very own wellness area: with its clean edges and distinctive, unique shape, it turns every bathroom into something special. Discover Vavit bathroom radiators at Nordholm and take the design of your bathroom to a whole new level!

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    The time is ripe - for inexpensive individuality. This makes every bathroom something special. Clean lines and a clear shape - the impressive Monolit Vavit shines not only with its high-gloss powder-coated, unique look. Hiding behind the extravagant shape is state-of-the-art heating technology. A uniform heat distribution thus guarantees effective heating. Two cutouts set stylish accents and ensure that wet towels are quickly dry again. Learn More
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Vavit bathroom radiators impress with design and performance

Vavit bathroom radiators gleam as an impressive monolith in your bathroom, which is not only due to their high-gloss powder-coated look. Behind its extravagant shape lies state-of-the-art heating technology at the highest level of quality and functionality: the high heat output of 1,148 watts ensures even heat distribution as well as effective and energy-saving heating overall.

The two cut-outs in Vavit bathroom radiators set stylish accents by aesthetically breaking up the monolithic shape of the bathroom radiator, and also allow you to conveniently hang up your towels: these can be both dried and warmed with the help of Vavit bathroom radiators.

Set a statement and invest in the Vavit bathroom radiator! Despite its remarkable dimensions of 1.82 metres in height and 61 centimetres in width, it fits comfortably into any room and leaves a subtle, eye-catching impression depending on the colour you select: choose between white and anthracite.

Installing and operating Vavit bathroom radiators

Nordholm offers a five-year guarantee for Vavit bathroom radiators, just as for other Nordholm products, such as the design radiators. Thanks to its four-point suspension, it is very easy to install on the wall. The following operation is also super simple in combination with the TwinReg Genesis® centre connection or the TwinReg 500® thermostat. See for yourself!

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