SplashBoard wall panels

SplashBoard wall panels from Nordholm now make renovating your wet rooms very easy – both in theory and in practice, because installation is extremely straightforward. No special tools are required: the SplashBoard wall panels are simply applied to the existing subfloor and outdated tiles disappear in no time at all, regardless of whether they are no longer in tune with the spirit of the age from an aesthetic point of view or they are simply broken. What is interesting in this context is that you can also apply the panelling tiles to the floor, even though we are talking about wall panels with the splashboards. You will see: with SplashBoard wall panels, your kitchen or bathroom will shine in a completely new light in just a few hours thanks to the innovative slot and key system.

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  1. SplashBoard® Signature Paneele, 2800 x 1230 x 4 mm, aus 70% Marmor
    SplashBoard® Signature Paneele, 2800 x 1230 x 4 mm, aus 70% Marmor
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SplashBoards for your bathroom

SplashBoards are suitable for bathrooms for a whole multitude of factors. After all, SplashBoards high-quality wall coverings made of PVC, acrylic, or a mineral base with a marble content of at least 70 percent. This means you get panels that are 100 percent seamless and therefore also waterproof, hygienic, and, above all, mould-free – a crucial point, especially in the bathroom, where splashing water from the shower, the bathtub or from washing hands is the order of the day. SplashBoards, in addition to the bathroom, are also wonderfully suitable for the kitchen, where there is often increased humidity during and after cooking, which could cause mould with conventional wall coverings.

SplashBoard wall panels in bathroom and kitchen: this is what defines them

What makes SpalshBoard wall panels perfect for bathrooms or kitchens? The answer is simple, as it is mainly related to the high quality of the materials used for SplashBoard wall panels. The individual twin-wall panels are flame retardant, exceptionally chemically resistant and have a scratch-resistant surface that is particularly easy to clean. They also have a high degree of strength combined with a low inherent weight. SplashBoard wall panels can also withstand a tensile force of up to 250 kilograms once they have been installed.

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