Shower trays cut to size for your bathroom

With a shower tray that is cut to size to fit your bathroom, you get a safe, comfortable base for your shower. You can look forward to a lightweight, easy-to-cut board that is particularly easy to install. At the same time, it is extremely robust despite its low thickness of less than two centimetres. Add to this our accessories, consisting of various drains for the shower tray, from super-flat to vertical, and a flexible pipe for the flexible installation of shower tray and drain.

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  1. SlimLine Duschboard
    SlimLine Duschboard
    As low as €671.16
    Incl. 19% VAT
    Delivery Time
    2-3 Tage
    • 50% lighter than mineral cast tubs
    • Easy to cut
    • Super flat - only 17mm high
    • Extremely robust
    • High dimensional accuracy
    • Concealed drain
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Shower tray cut to size for individual dimensions

A shower tray that can be cut to size offers clear advantages for customised solutions for installation in the bathroom. In addition, the shower tray from Nordholm is available in a wide range of dimensions: on the one hand, different sizes can be catered for and, on the other hand, as little material as possible is left behind when the shower tray is precisely cut to size.

Regardless of the size chosen, the shower boards can be installed flush with the floor or with a small step. Since they are only half as heavy as comparable cast mineral bathtubs, installation is also much easier. In use, the non-slip surface ensures that there is sufficient grip even when wet. A special stylistic highlight is the inconspicuous, concealed drain.

Ideal installation for the shower tray

Secure installation is an important factor when it comes to shower trays – after all, a shower should generally last a long time and, once installed, can only be removed with great effort. To ensure that everything also fits underneath the shower tray, we also have shower tray drains and flex pipes available. Depending on the space, a suitable drain can be made that will remain leak-proof for a long time. Select the model that suits your shower drain and combine it with the flex pipe. This way you can reach the next pipe in your home network in no time at all.

Combine your shower tray with a splashboard and create your own walk-in shower. If you often feel too cold after showering, a modern bathroom radiator or towel heater will also help. With Nordholm, your bathroom will become the perfect space for you!

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