Fill the heater

Fill the heater: if you have radiators for purely electric operation, you can easily handle this yourself. To do so, first close the radiator with the overpressure safety valve on the upper side, while you put the underside with the sealing plug. Now fill the thermal fluid into the radiator until it is almost full. For this purpose, use the opening into which the heating element is inserted in the following. When you fill the heater, it may help to hold the radiator at a slight angle and gently shake it from time to time so that the air can escape upwards. Afterwards, you only need to screw in the heating element and attach the radiator to its designated place.

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  1. Radiator filling - for electric operation only
    Radiator filling - for electric operation only
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    The Designer radiators by Nordholm with electrical connection or the combined connection for electrical and central heating come with stylish and practical heating elements. Ideal for use in the transitional period between the seasons and for warm towels during the summer time, when the central heating is not switched on. Available in chrome, white or stainless steel finish and in four power levels (300 W, 600 W, 800 W, 1000 W). Learn More
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Fill the heater with Nordholm radiator filling

To fill the heater, we recommend the filling from Nordholm. It is suitable for our bathroom radiators and design radiators with an electric connection or with a combination of an electric connection and central heating. Radiators of this type are ideal for use in transitional periods and, for example, provide warm towels after the bath on cold summer evenings – even if the central heating is switched off. Our filling, with which you fill the heater yourself, is both a practical and a stylish heating element for your rooms. It is frost-proof down to -20 °C with a non-toxic and non-flammable anti-freeze and anti-corrosion mixture and is available in four power ratings of 300 watts, 600 watts, 800 watts and 1000 watts. You can additionally choose between a white, chrome or stainless steel look for your heater.

Fill the heater: this is what you also need

To fill the heater, you also need a heating cartridge in addition to the filling – and of course a radiator. Heating cartridges provide the desired temperature in electrically operated radiators in a short time, which makes them just as ideal as the radiator filling itself for use in summer or in transitional periods. You will find both cartridge heaters and the corresponding bathroom radiators or design radiators in our extensive range of products.

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