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Buy a bidet for you bathroom to add an item that is as useful as it is comfortable. A bidet is a low-set washbasin that is used for gentle and thorough cleaning after using the toilet. It is suitable for medical sitz baths as well as for comfortably washing your feet. Buy a bidet and use it in many different ways: either let water into the bidet and wash yourself like you would with a basin or use a fitting for precise rinsing.

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  1. MareSol Premium Bidet
    MareSol Premium Bidet
    Incl. 19% VAT
    2-3 Tage
    • Pflegeleichte Außenflächen durch verdeckte Wandbefestigung
    • Modernes zeitloses Design
    • Spülrandlos
    • Größe: 263 mm x 360 mm x 490 mm (HxBxT)
    • Farbe: Weiß
    • 10 Jahre Garantie
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Buy MareSol Premium bidet

Choose to buy a bidet from Nordholm. With the MareSol Premium bidet, you are purchasing proven quality paired with modern and timeless design. In addition, this model offers easy-care exterior surfaces thanks to concealed wall attachment and rimless design. This makes both using and cleaning the bidet an experience that meets the highest standards of hygiene and comfort. Buying our bidet is the ideal decision if you already own the MareSol Soft Close WC set and would like to complete your bathroom with this addition in a sleek design. Due to its pure look, the MareSol Premium bidet can be tastefully matched with all the sanitary ware from our extensive range of products.

Buy a bidet and enjoy long-lasting comfort

When you buy a bidet, you enjoy long-term comfort as well as numerous advantages. First of all, buying a bidet means that you need less toilet paper, which is extremely beneficial from an ecological point of view on the one hand and for economic reasons on the other hand. In this way, you can do without moist toilet tissues and avoid skin irritation in the genital area due to cosmetic ingredients. For these reasons, bidets are an essential part of the bathroom in many southern European and Arabic countries. You will notice how quickly you will get used to the advantages of a sit-down washbasin and how easily you can integrate its use into established routines. Be convinced and benefit from ten years of quality of our MareSol Premium Bidet.

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