Canyon bathroom radiators

Canyon bathroom radiators impress with their simple elegance and generous dimensions: in an area of approximately 180 x 60 centimetres, there is room for towels, bath towels and flannels for the whole family. In its towel warmer function, Canyon bathroom radiators dry damp and wet towels quickly and reliably and bring them to a pleasant temperature so that you can wrap yourself in cosy warmth after a shower or bath. In addition, thanks to its outstanding heating power, Canyon bathroom radiators ensure optimum temperature conditions throughout the room, entirely according to your personal wishes and needs.

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Canyon: bathroom radiators with 25 percent more heating power

Canyon bathroom radiators are inspired by the simplicity of our Saar bathroom radiators, which themselves allow numerous combination options thanks to their timelessly modern design and extensive range of models. We see Canyon bathroom radiators as an additional optimisation, because they combine all the positive aspects of bathroom radiators from the Saar range and also provide up to 25 percent more heating power. In this case, that is 1253 watts.

Canyon bathroom radiators are easy to install with a metal suspension and the included drilling template. For this purpose, you can use the tap block connection of 50 millimetres or an additional side connection. For perfect operation of Canyon bathroom radiators, we advise you to use the TwinReg Genesis medium connection, which you can buy from Nordholm as well.

Canyon: perfect bathroom radiators for every purpose

In addition to Canyon and Saar bathroom radiators, you will find numerous other models to suit your taste in our extensive range of products. Palma bathroom radiators for purely electric operation, for example, are visually very reminiscent of Saar or Canyon bathroom radiators. The great advantage of electric bathroom radiators is that they are a real blessing even on cool summer days when the central heating is switched off and you wish for warmth in your bathroom. In addition, discover our exclusive design radiators, which look just as good in living rooms as they do in bathrooms.

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